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My inspiration and experience:

The Talking with God Project began as a personal search for answers to my questions about the liturgy and elements of the weekly synagogue services I was attending.  Over the years, it has evolved into a much larger conversation with practicing Jews, Christians and Muslims.  Talking with people about their own experiences of faith and observance has been both helpful and enriching for me.  Their stories and reflections have expanded my understanding of different beliefs and practice, as well as stirred my own observance.    


Participant experience:

For participants in my project, the interviews have been unique experiences, providing a rare and valuable opportunity to reflect on their views and experiences in a private space.  Some have been surprised and deeply moved by what has emerged, prompting a new understanding of their own practice and perspective.  


For you:

This website, my published writings and blogposts are offerings to you to use as you wish.  If my project can help reduce reactivity and increase your curiosity, openness to others and inspire you to learn more, that would be a blessing.    


Now what?

Are you inspired to get more involved?  See the Home page for information.  I welcome inquiries about giving talks, workshops, panels, articles and other opportunities to expand the conversation.    

Plant Biology

“If you read the Creation account of Genesis, all of humankind is created in the image of God.  

We have to recognize that we are created by the same Creator.  And that’s why we talk together.  

And that’s why we try to understand one another. And if we do recognize the presence of God in one another, we won’t be fighting with one another.”  


                                           Rev. Alexei Smith

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